Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

A BoF reunion in Still with Gook Ji Yun

Aduh tolong yaa tangan'a bandel bgd !! huff :( . huhuhu

Remember Ginger from Boys Over Flowers? One of the annoying 3 girls who always picked on Jan Di?

It looks like she will make a special appearance on “The Woman Who Still Wants To Get Married”.

She will be playing Se Na, Ha Min Jae (Kim Bum)’s hoobae (junior). She will make an appearance on the 10th.

Se Na is the lead vocalist in the girl group Orange Road with a bright personality and sophisticated style. She will stir up jealousy in Ha Min Jae’s lover, Lee Shin Young (Park Jin hee).

It’s a coincidence that she was F4’s junior in Boys Over Flowers, and then Kim Bum’s junior in this drama.

Ginger picture:


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