Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

Kim Bum’s interview on Still’s set

Here is an interview done on Still’s set a couple of days ago. Not much new stuff, but still nice seeing him on TV.

Hello, all the viewers. I’m Kim Bum, playing Ha Min-jae in The Women Who Still Want To Marry. Many people told me that the grey hair color fits me very well.

The striking grey-hair look?
At first I was really worried. It’s not easy to make it look like real grey hair. Perhaps because I have been wearing it for a while, I feel quite comfortable now already.

Kim Bum is a relationship expert?
For me, instead of saying me helping others or others helping me, I usually figured it out by myself. So even I had some hard time, I usually didn’t turn to others but trying to resolve it on my own.

Kim Bum is innocent?
Oh, that’s a rumor. I didn’t know where it came from. That’s impossible. I didn’t know how the rumor came out claiming I haven’t involved in a relationship. It’s not true.

Min-Jae and Shin-young’s sweet dates?
The first date was in a massage bar, where I rarely had chances to go. But they were a lot of people making facial mask. So we mentioned it a little bit, but later that part got cut off.

The ideal date?
Since I entered the showbiz at an early age, I want to have normal date most. Even though it might be really common and normal, but I hardly get chances doing it.What do you think about Park Hee-jin?Even from an average TV viewers’ perspective, she’s still a very good actress, who has given me a lot of support. It’s always filming with her. So it’s a great opportunity. On the set, she’s more gentle than I expected.

The music band?
I played piano when I was little. This is my first time of learning to play guitar, which I felt unfamiliar with and a lot of hard time. When I didn’t need to film, I would focus on learning to play it. Like today, there was piano-playing scene. I had to play both of them. Feeling a little bit stressed. While learning guitar, I found it’s a very interesting instrument. If possible, I’d like to continuing my learning.

Actor or singer?
In Japan, some people might still not know I’m singing as a singer. The reason to release an album is to show my appreciation to overseas fans for their support for BOF. I didn’t mean to focus on a certain country. It’s just by chance that I started from Japan. That I released an album was because I wanted to thank you all my fans, not because I wanted to become a singer. As an actor, I just wanted to show the different aspects of my personality and talents.

The male couple?
I think the most interesting character in Still is Na Bun-Suk. Not just with me, he had hilarious interaction with every other actor, from which, I learned about acting. Actually it’s funnier in real life, so sometimes I just couldn’t refrain from laughing and had a lot of NGs.

Time for a break?
I’ve stated thinking about taking a break since last winter. After finishing a project, because of my ambition towards work, acting and characters, I couldn’t stop. Since this is a profession that you have to put your personal feelings into, I was thinking I might run of my feelings one day. So I was considering taking some time off and learning some new stuff.

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